My passion for photography dates of my eleven or twelve years old when my parents bought me my first camera, a Brownie wonderful flash Kodak, cubic black bakelite.

This passion has never stopped then. To my twenties, I offered myself a 24X36 Praktica camera because it was the cheapest category at the time although it was "mounted" with a 50 mm Jena Tessar clone. My first big report was made during a summer trip to Greece and Turkey with a friend of mine also passionate with black and white films and prints with an enlarger 30X40 in the bathroom of my parents apartment.

Today photography is part of my daily life. I especially appreciate the aesthetics of landscapes, the "body language" referred to in portraits and vivid evocation of human life frozen in the rooms and restaurant terraces, windows and doors or urban architecture.
I also join my equal passions for Photography and jazz fixing my favourite musicians.

My first choice of black and white was necessary both for economic reasons but also because, technically, the development and printing of color photographs was beyond my technical capabilities. Today it is an artistic choice. Rare are my photos which, even taken in color, do not attract me converted to black and white. I find in B&W graphics, skinning, the focus on essential I am looking for in photography. but also in other graphic arts.

Regarding the material, I have recently abandonned argentic and use to day a Fujifilm XT-1 and a Fujifilm X70, using also my Sony smartphone when it is the only meann I have.

Internet for me is the incomparable way allowing me to share my humble creations with friends, acquaintances or strangers.

Do not hesitate to send me your reviews in the "Contact" section or the "Golden Book" of this site.